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Bosnia and Herzegovina is one example of a country where journalists have started reconciliation initiatives of which some are still ongoing. Photo taken 2013 from a bus crossing the Western part of the country.

Reconciliative journalism?

A couple of weeks ago I reached one personal milestone in academia. My master’s thesis for the University of Tampere got accepted and published. My topic: post-conflict societies and the role of journalists in peace-building and reconciliation. I knew for a long time that I would like to write about this topic. Also I knew […]

About 70-80 % of the Dharavi slum is recognized by municipal authorities as legal slum and gets supplied with municipal water 3-4 hours a day. The waste of the slum often ends up on mismanaged dumps or the river flowing right next to the one square mile slum area.

The Heart of Mumbai: Dharavi

Dharavi. One million people, one square mile. One of Asia’s, and probably the world’s, biggest slums, not in terms of its area but of the population. Dharavi is located on top of some of the most expensive real estate of the city and of whole India. Here, to rent a house costs around 6000-8000 rupies […]